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1. Find some fresh wood loving specimens. Also find some dead wood, gumtree leaves and sticks from the habitat you found your wood lovers.

2. Try to keep some mycelium from either the base of the wood lover or from any surrounding dead wood.


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3. Be respectful of the surrounding environment and don’t take all of the mycelium from that eco-system as it may not grow back next year, respect the mycelium.

4. Find some cardboard and let to soak in a bucket, leaving the outer layers to separate, only keeping the corrugated inside of the cardboard.

5. Find a small plastic container and cut the cardboard to fit neatly inside, 2 x corrugated shapes to layer on each other. Starting small is good, approx 15x15cm.

6. Cut your fresh specimens into 3, butt, stem and cap.

7. Spread these out over one layer of the moist cardboard with any mycelium you have found.

8. Place the second layer of cardboard over the cut up specimens and mycelium. Add a layer of Hession as well if you have any, however this isn’t a necessity.


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9. Let the mycelium take over and colonise the cardboard, keeping the cardboard moist by misting every couple of days. Keep in the bathroom with a bit of humidity alternating between lid closed and lid slightly open. This will take approximately 4-8 weeks. You should see small white spots appearing through the cardboard after about 4 weeks.

10. Cut the cardboard ready to plant and plug (Always leave some cardboard in order to recolonise more cardboard so you can give to your friends or plant more local patches further down the track)


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11. Take your colonised cardboard to a local patch/garden bed. Somewhere that is reasonably shady and naturally gets moisture/can water consistently.


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12. Lightly bury the cardboard with the leaves/sticks/dead wood you found originally with your wood lovers. Approx 1-2 cms. You can also add old wood chips to your patch.

13. With any left over/extra cardboard drill holes in a dead log and plug these holes with the cardboard. Push this into the soil/bury it halfway.


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14. Try and keep your patch moist and water at least once a week.

15. If you are lucky and the mycelium spirits are with you, you should have your first flush the following season, if not the season after that.


Mush love :) patience is key <3


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