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I guess you can’t be mad at rocks. They are just there, not even looking at you. Rocks don’t give a shit! They sit where they are and chill unbothered. Some rocks were placed there by humans, others by mother nature. Some of them were even made by humans (e.g. bricks), others are simply planet earth and some of the rocks were only altered by humans (e.g. sculptures). Each rock has a different story.


All rocks, just like people, are different but rocks age much better.

People use some rocks to build houses (coz they tough), put some rocks in museums (coz they important) and attach some rocks to jewelry (coz they precious). Some people even believe that rocks have magical powers.

I don’t know about that, but I've never heard anybody talk shit about rocks*. And do you know why?

Coz rocks are cool motherfuckers, especially those in Sicily.


*Well, maybe only when they end up in your shoe, then they bothering.


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